Experimental Design : Gravel

Gravel with Screen
A reader, Pete Sims, has a clever idea for a one-bucket design. We've asked Pete to send us some pictures of his setup. If you've used a similar design please let us know and we'll post your ideas. Pete writes...

1) Make a mark on the inside of the bucket all the way around at 12" from the top

2) Place a tin can with holes punched into it and place it in the center of the bucket

3) Make sure that you have your input water hole/line and your exit water hole/line installed (if you are connecting in series), before you go to the next step

4) Fill the bottom of the bucket with gravel that is maybe 3/4 to 1 inch in size all the way up to the mark on the bucket

5) Get a piece of screen or material that will let water through and place it over the gravel with a cut out for the tin can

6) Now you can fill the bucket with potting mix and plant the same as usual.

You can easily adjust your water level by either raising or lowering the float valve or the bucket. This method as you can see utilizes one less bucket and at the same time uses a product that is found worldwide, gravel!

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