Earthbox®, Container Gardening, Sub-Irrigated Planter

Earthbox®, Container Gardening, Sub-Irrigated Planter...what's the difference?

Container Gardening
"Container gardening is the practice of growing plants exclusively in containers or "pots", instead of planting them in the ground" (Wikipedia). Global buckets is a form of container gardening.

Sub-Irrigated Planter
Sub-Irrigated Planter (SIP) is a generic name for a special type of planting box used in container gardening. The key feature is found in the watering system. The water is introduced from the bottom, allowing the water to soak upwards to the plant through capillary action (Wikipedia). Global Buckets is a form of sub-irrigated planter.

Earthbox® is a patented sub-irrigated planter system. Earthbox's® research shows that an Earthbox® planter can double fruit and vegetable yields, using less water. Earthbox® brought the concept of sub-irrigated planters to the broad public.

The technology behind EarthBox® planters and Global Buckets is very similar. The main difference is that an EarthBox® planter cost $30 to $54 and are trucked across the country. Global Buckets are made using locally sourced, recycled and very low cost or free materials.

If a do-it-yourself project does not appeal to you, click here to buy an EarthBox® planter. Please note that we don't have any relationship to EarthBox®.